Homecoming, The 2CD

Catalog # HCG-150383
Release Year 1995  
2CD Length 62:58 | 63:23
Date/Venue 15 March 1983 Bloomington, MN
Source Audience
Quality VG/VG+
G2P Rating 3.5/5.0

Track Listing
15 March 1983, Vanity 6 Opening Act
Warm Up, Wet Dream, Drive Me Wild, If A Girl Answers (Don't Hang Up), Nasty Girl
15 March 1983, The Time Opening Gig
Get It Up, 777-9311, Girl, Wild & Loose, Gigolos Get Lonely Too, Cool, The Walk
15 March 1983 The Met Center, Bloomington MN
Controversy, Let's Work, Do Me Baby, Sexuality, Let's Pretend We're Married, Lisa's Keyboard Solo, With You, How Come U Don'T Call Me Anymore, Lady Cab Driver, Little Red Corvette, Dirty Mind, International Lover, 1999

Dale's Comments  (rates this release 3.5/5.0)
This is a wonderful show with the added *treat* (tongue in cheek) of having the Vanity opening act. It is a must have for that alone, although the quality of the opening acts is low, and sometimes their performance is painful. It is still a rarity that makes this worth owning. Prince however, is in "rare form". One reporter wrote in his review after this show that it was the best show Prince had done in the Twin Cities. Of course there have been many more since then, but it is still a compliment worth repeating.

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