Gold Tour Finale 2CD
Catalog # SAB025/026
Release Year 1997
2CD Length 70:25 | 73:06
Date/Venue Yokohama 1996
Source Audience
Quality EX-/EX
Rating 4.25/5.0

Track Listing
Gold / Ultimate Live Experience Japanese Tour Finale Arena, Yokohama 20th January 1996
Disc 1

1. Purple Medley 2. Endorphinmachine 3. Shhh 4. Days Of Wild - 777-9311 5. Now - Babies Makin' Babies 6. Race - Girls And Boys Jam 7. The Most Beautiful Girl In The World 8. Pussy Control 9. Letitgo 10. Starfish And Coffee 11. Michael B Drum Solo 12. The Cross 13. The Jam 14. One Of Us

Disc 2
1. Do Me, Baby 2. Sexy MF 3. If I Was Your Girlfriend 4. Vicki Waiting 5. Purple Medley 6. 7 7. Interlude 8. Billy Jack Bitch 9. Eye Hate U 10. 319 11. Gold

Lovesexy Tour Aftershow - Camden Palace, London : 26th July 1988 (am)
12. Six - Dead On It - Housequake

New Power Madhouse
13. (Got 2) Give It Up

Rosie O'Donnell Show : 7th January 1997
14. The Holy River

Love 4 One Another Charities Tour - Atlanta Live, Atlanta : 19th January 1997
15. Mr. Happy (including 18 & Over)

Neil S. Blaisdell Center, Honolulu : 16th February 1997
16. Santana Medley

Fink's Comments
(rates this release 4.0/5.0)
The final night of the Japanese tour and the very last show of the Ultimate Live Experience tour. The Japanese leg of the tour was far removed from the European shows in the respect that far less emphasis is put on long, loose, funky jams. The tracks are performed slightly edited than the European versions, and more well known songs (although still no big 'Prince' hits) are performed.

The show starts with 'Purple Medley' (full length version) played over the PA before the band come out for 2 extremely shortened versions of 'Endorphinmachine' & 'Shhh'. 'Days Of Wild' closes out with some funky bass playing from 777-9311, and the party proceeds through a great (but short) jam of 'Girls & Boys' over the backing of 'Race'. 'Starfish & Coffee' is performed as the 1995 revamped version with an extended outro incorporating Michael B's solo. 'Purple Medley' is performed live, with the help of some heavy backing tapes, however it is worse (if that's possible) than the actual studio version - a terrible audio experience.

The remainder of the show is as was on the European leg with the exception of the lack of an Arabic intro to '7'. The performance, and the quality of the show lacks the grit and "fuck you" attitude of the March 1995 shows which made them so special - however that said, this is still a funky show with MORE than enough highlights.

The sound quality, while being a little thin is overall worthy of a slightly less than excellent rating. The packaging is stunningly beautiful, however it is more style over substance as there is NO information about the show at all. Sabotage have also added bonus full length tracks from a selection of previous releases.

Deane's Comments (rates this release 4.25/5.0)
The last and perhaps the best of the Japanese shows from the brief 1996 tour. The 'Race'/'Girls and boys' medley makes its first and only appearance of the tour, otherwise a standard set very well executed. The bonus tracks are all from other titles like Driving to midnight mess, Paisley Park extravaganza etc.

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