Glam Slam North Remastered 2CD
Catalog # 4DF 013-014
Release Year  2005
2CD Length 77:28 / 75:33
Date/Venue Glam Slam, Minneapolis 25th July 1994
Source Audience Recording
Quality EX-
Rating 4.75/5.0

Track Listing
Glam Slam, Minneapolis 25th July 1994
Disc 1
1. The Jam 2. Shhh 3. The Ride 4. Endorphinmachine 5. Space 6. Days Of Wild 7. Now (including Babies Makin’ Babies) 8. Love Sign (w/ Nona Gaye) 9. The Most Beautiful Girl In The World 10. Pussy Control

Disc 2
1. Peach 2. Race 3. Dark 4. Santana Medley

Glam Slam, Minneapolis : 26th July 1994
5. Gold 6. Papa 7. Glam Slam Boogie

The Palladium, New York : 14th July 1994
8. Jam (w/ Lenny Kravitz & Vernon Reid) 9. Mary Don’t You Weep 10. None Of Your Business – Ain’t No Party Like A New Power Party

Fink's Comments (rates this release 4.75/5.0)
Released under 4DaFunk’s “Remastered Series” of classic shows and sourced from the original Raiders Of The Lost Art ‘Glam Slam North’ release, this is an excellent reworking of an extremely cool 1994 concert and a vast improvement over the previous release. The term “remastered” is a little heavily used nowadays when perhaps “touched up” would have been more appropriate in some cases – however thankfully not here. My main bitch with the Raiders Of The Lost Art release were the two females who chatted incessantly throughout the Minneapolis 25th July recording, and the first, most glaringly obvious thing upon listening to this particular release is the lovely ladies are far, far less audible here. They can still be heard however they are much less intrusive, and (as with the remainder of the audience level throughout) have been greatly reduced – eternal gratitude for that.

There are also a few minor fades during the recording however they have been smoothed out and are in no way detrimental. The show itself is very typical of many from the period, however there are a number of performances which lift this above the mundane. Nona Gaye guests for ‘Love Sign’ however she appears to be singing to a backing tape and had Prince not announced her on stage I would never have known she was there. ‘Pussy Control’ is also performed over the track played on the PA with Prince adding a few lyrics to the beginning before giving up and letting the tape continue with no input. The second half of the show is far superior and begins with a scorching cover version (according to Prince it is a cover version of a Prince song) of ‘Peach’ before moving on to ‘Race’ which includes an extremely brief snippet of ‘Girls & Boys’. ‘Dark’ is a slightly unusual choice for a 1994 show and is a welcome addition, before the show closes with a stunning ‘Santana Medley’ proceeded by ‘Soul Sacrifice’.

As this release is taken from the Raiders Of The Lost Art release, the bonus tracks are also included on here. These have also been greatly improved over the previous versions – however it’s safe to say they are not of the quality of the Mpls 25th July recording and would attain a rating of VG+ had I been grading them separately. One last thing I’d like to mention is the artwork. Normally I steer clear of passing comment on fan-made artwork, however credit where credit is due – this is certainly one of the most original and inspired covers I have seen in a few years and fits the content of the release perfectly. Overall an excellent release by 4DaFunk and a major improvement over the previous release.

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