Glam Slam East Remastered 2CD
Catalog # 4DF 044-045
Release Year  2007
2CD Length 76:25 / 70:58
Date/Venue Glam Slam, Miami : 9th,10th June 1994 (am)
Source Audience Recording
Quality EX
Rating 4.75/5.0

Track Listing
Disc 1
Glam Slam, Miami : 9th June 1994 (am)
1. Billy Jack Bitch 2. The Most Beautiful Girl In The World 3. (Lemme See Your Body) Get Loose 4. Shoop (including Sexy MF – Gett Off – Acknowledge Me) 5. It’s Alright 6. I Believe In You 7. Maybe Your Baby 8. Peach 9. Glam Slam Boogie (including The Ride)

Glam Slam, Miami : 10th June 1994 (am)
10. Drum Solo – Intro 11. Soul Sacrifice – Santana Medley 12. 319

Disc 2
1. Hide The Bone 2. Ripopgodazippa 3. Get Wild 4. Johnny 5. Interactive 6. Days Of Wild (including Hair) 7. Now 8. Gold 9. Eye Hate U (played over PA)

Fink's Comments (rates this release 4.75/5.0)
The difference between this “remastered” release and the previous Raider Of The Lost Art release ‘Glam Slam East’ (which this is sourced from) is immediately obvious and this is a vast improvement over an already great bootleg. The running order of the 10th June (am) show was rearranged back-to-front on the previous release with ‘Now’ spanning 2 discs – thankfully that is no longer the case and the show is presented here as it was meant to be. The opening 9th June (am) show isn’t the best show of the era however it is a very impressive recording with the show extremely loud and clear.

The audience are very vocal throughout, but only really begin to interfere with the recording towards the costume change in ‘Maybe Your Baby’ – otherwise they add an appreciative atmosphere. The fluctuation with the volume of the original release has been dealt with very well, and added to that the number of drop-outs during ‘Maybe Your Baby’ have been corrected. The show contains a lengthy 12 minute jam of ‘Shoop’ which features various rapped lyrics from ‘Sexy MF’, ‘Gett Off’ and ‘Acknowledge Me’. The closing 20 minutes is perhaps the highlight though with a scorching version of ‘Peach’ followed by a very lengthy closing ‘Glam Slam Boogie’ which includes lyrics from ‘The Ride’ towards the beginning. The 10th June (am) show is far superior and the recording is of an equally high standard. 4DaFunk have done some serious work on this show (especially ‘Now’) and it’s to their eternal credit that hadn’t you been aware of the track split on the previous version you would be clueless as to where it takes place. The show begins with a drum intro from Mr. B with various Arabian samples swirling around in the background before Prince launches into a ferocious ‘Soul Sacrifice / Santana Medley’ and the show doesn’t let up for the remainder. This show features a fair amount of bass jamming (always a good thing) and it’s never more evident than on ‘Hide The Bone’. ‘Days Of Wild’ contains the usual portion of ‘Hair’ but rather unusually also has the crowd chant from ‘Johnny’ inserted.

The releases finishes with ‘I Hate U’ played over the PA at the club which doesn’t differ from the released version. Overall one cannot help but be impressed with this release. The improvements over the Raiders Of The Lost Art release are evident, and the correction of just about every flaw, drop-out and glitch is worthy of applause. Sexy artwork too.

copyright 2016