Do U Lie 2CD

Catalog # PCD001-2
Release Year   
2CD Length 60:01 | 59:58
Date/Venue Hamburg 31 August 1986
Source Audience
G2P Rating 3/5.0

Track Listing
Hamburg Germany 31 August 1986
Around The World In A Day, Christopher Tracy's Parade, New Position, I Wonder U, Raspberry Beret, Delirious, Controversy, A Love Bizarre, Do Me Baby, How Much Is That Doggie In The Window, Automatic, Dmsr, When Doves Cry, Do U Lie, The Ladder, Under The Cherry Moon, Anotherloverholenyohead, Love Or Money, Head, Electric Man, Girls And Boys, Life Can Be So Nice, 1999, America, Liss, Purple Rain

Deane's Comments (rates this release 3/5.0)
The quality is okay. The show, however, is great with some out of the ordinary songs performed: Do U Lie, Love or Money and The Ladder. This release has a lot of audience noise, but the performance is so good it is worth hearing. The package is about average for when this was released, now it is nothing special.

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