Dance With The Devil CDenhanced
Catalog # 253
Release Year 1997  
CDenhanced Length 64:50 |62MB
Date/Venue Outakes and Mulitimedia
Source Soundboard Recordings
Quality EX / EX+
Rating 2.875/5.0

Track Listing
Video for Boom Boom, another video clip, Gif of the Moonraker Prince catalog, Text files from the internet including the PPML FAQ, Lyrics to nearly all official albums, and a discography.
  1. Boom boom [video, CD-ROM track]
  2. Glam slam '91
  3. Me touch myself
  4. Dance with the devil
  5. Partyman [remix]
  6. Flesh and blood
  7. My baby knows how 2 love me
  8. Boom boom
  9. Morris & Jerome
  10. Murph drag
  11. Nine lives
  12. Corporate world
  13. The latest fashion
  14. My summertime thang

Deane's Comments (rates this release 3.25/5.0)
A very odd release. Most of the audio tracks are from the Jill Jones and Time Corporate World sessions. Dance With The Devil is a spooky song from the Batman sessions. The packaging is beautiful. The Boom Boom video is cool and the text files included on the CDrom are very useful. A number of other files are on the disc. Although it claims to be cross platform the Macintosh files do not work.

Dale's Comments  (rates this release 2.5/5.0)
This release was a disappointment for me. I would much rather have seen a collection of Batman era outtakes. The other material is nice, but there is no real concept for this album, just a bunch of odds and ends thrown together to make a buck. If you want a good document of the unreleased Corporate World album by The Time you would be better off searching for a copy of the Corporate World fan release. The sound quality is EX and it is complete. The only redeeming factors of this release are the inclusion of Me Touch Myself, Dance With The Devil, and Glam Slam 91 in EX quality. The disc is worth owning for those 3 songs alone in my opinion.

Mike's Comments  (rates this release 3.5/5.0)
A worthwhile collection now largely superceded by The work volume 3. All 3 of the Prince outtakes are good, the remix of 'Partyman' less so. The remainder of the CD is taken up with tracks for two projects Prince was working on in 1989, a second Jill Jones album and the Corporate world album by The Time, though neither ever saw the light of day. The Jill Jones tracks are above average but pale beside the material on her first solo album, while the songs here by The Time are pretty good, especially 'Nine lives' which was written for Cat. The track entitled 'Morris & Jerome' is a messed-up version of 'Love machine'. The 'boom boom' video runs via Quicktime and is semi-risque, as were most by his female artists in the 1980s.

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