Vanity Live and Rare DVD
Catalog # N/A
Release Year 2009
DVD Length 115 Mins.
Date/Venue Various Live 82-83, Promo Videos 83-88, TV Appearances 83-88
Source NTSC
Menu YES
Quality VG+ / EX-
UG2P Rating 4.75/5.0

DVD Track Listing
Detriot Ď82 (Live)
He's So Dull / Drive me Wild / Bite The Beat / If a Girl Answers (Don't Hang Up) / Nasty Girl

Homecoming í83 (Live)*
Make Up / Wet Dream / Drive Me Wild / If A Girl Answers (Donít Hang Up) / Nasty Girl

(Soild Gold 1983)*

Nasty Girl

(Soul Train 1983)***
Nasty Girl / He's So Dull

Promo Videos
Nasty Girl** / He's So Dull*** / Drive Me Wild***

Soul Train (Live 1-23-1988)***
Faraway Eyes / Interview / Undress

Promo Videos
Pretty Mess (Video) / Under The Influence (Video)

Movie Video Clips

Faraway Eyes (Action Jackson DVD) / Undress Me (Action Jackson DVD) / 7th Heaven (Last Dragon DVD)

Promo Video
7th Heaven (Video)

VH1 Where Are They Now?*
Long Version / Short Version

Vanity Picture Slideshow

*Courtesy of ServeItUpFrankie  /  ** Courtesy of Fullasoul  /  *** Courtesy of Supergirl

Mike's Comments(rates this release 4.75/5.0)
Well if your looking for a definitive Vanity comp, then this is it. It is by no means complete, but it contains anything major that Vanity did in her career. One of the true gems on this release is the quality of the Homecoming 83 performance. You will not find a better version than whats on here.. Not to mention the quality of the Soul Train TV performances..Vanity was one of Prince's hottest women, and this dvd showcases that!! A must have for Vanity Fans.


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