TV Appearances Vol 15 DVD
Catalog # CHAPLIN24
Release Year 2004
DVD Length 120 Min.
Date/Venue Broadcasts 1995-2004 / Other 
Source NTSC
Menu Yes
Quality EX- To EX+
UG2P Rating 4.0/5.0

DVD Track Listing
Much More Music Live (Digital Version) 08/01/2004

Introduction / Musicology / Interview / Kiss / Interview / D.M.S.R.

Much Music The Loop
Much More Music Prince News

CTV AM July 31, 2004
Prince Interview

Australian Today Show 10/23/2003
Prince Interview

The Sunday Show Special BBC TV (Complete Version) 03/05/1995
NPG Interview / Billy Jack Bitch

Prince Musical Portrait

Cinnamon Girl (Bonus Video)

Mike's Comments(rates this release 4.0/5.0)
The 16th volume of the incredible set of TV Appearances Volumes from Chaplin. While the editing leaves something to be desired on the volumes, the goal of these releases was to get out all the Prince TV Performances on DVD in at least VG quality. This entire series was the FIRST to do that. Even today, 5 years later, the quality of some of the performances remain the best circulating. The quality of the material here is excellent because it is more recent stuff, however, during this time period, HDTV was coming around and most people on the net started doing captures, thus there are many releases with this same material in better quality with better menus.


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