Reign of the Prince of Ages DVD
IMC Vision
Catalog # B0017PAZXE
Release Year 2008
DVD Length 50 Min.
Date/Venue Documentary  
Source NTSC / PAL
Menu Yes
Quality EX
UG2P Rating 1.5/5.0

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Prince is a true pop legend and an inspiring success story, and his rise to icon status is charted here in this revealing documentary. Beginning with his troubled Minneapolis origins, we see how this talented multi-instrumentalist and singer became one of the most innovative and recognizable voices in contemporary music. Covering his domination of the charts in the '80s and early '90s, with singles like "Raspberry Beret" and "U Got the Look," this release also delves into his ubiquitousness in the tabloids due to his name-changing shenanigans. Audiences are treated to a rare, intimate view of the artist through archive photographs and interviews, painting a fascinating portrait of an artist of almost mythological proportions.

Mike's Comments(rates this release 1.5/5.0)
I was bought this for Christmas as I am a Prince fan. It's awful. There is very little footage of Prince, instead there is just a weird voiceover played over promotional stills which zoom in and out. None of the people seem to know Prince, the people interviewed just seem to be fans repeating cliches about how he's so unique. There's one guy who sits in front of a mixing desk and professes to know Prince, but you're never really told what connection there is and frankly that's probably because there is no connection. 

It is poor, contains many innacuracies, does not tell you anything new, is incredibly cheaply put together, plays very poor 'interpretations' of Prince tunes, no actual Prince music (unsurprisingly they couldn't afford to clear the rights no doubt) and those they have interviewed have nothing to do with Prince, other than being fans and offering their opinons - half of them seem to be filmed after a party or something, they are, at times, incomprehensible! The funniest thing are the interviews with the 'unknown' producer, who seems obsessed with Prince's bodyguards, really makes you laugh after a while - other than that it is all personal opinion.

The only interesting thing, and it is very small, is the live footage of Prince at a press conference talking about a few bits and bobs - I think this must have been filmed early 2000 - but beyond that it is dull.


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