Hard Life DVD
Shadetree Productions
Catalog # N/A
Release Year 2009
DVD Length 20 mins.
Date/Venue Short Film Directed by Prince
Source Professionally Filmed
Menu N/A
Quality G
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G2P Rating 2.0/5.0

Track Listing
 HARD LIFE (A Shadetree Production)

Starring Wally Safford as Puff
Greg Brooks as Danny
Jill Jones as Gillian Stoneheart
Harriet Fink (Matt Fink dressed as a woman) as the annoyed white lady
Eric Leeds as the policeman
Mico Weaver as Nicolas the Minder
Cubby Colby as Gillians drunk friend
Joel Bernstein as kicken breath drunk
ABBA John L. as poool shark
Cat Glover as ABBA Johns draws
Brad MArsh as Leonard Maltin lookalike

Music by MADHOUSE (Eric Leeds, Matt Fink, Levi Seacer, Dale ALexander)
Misdirected by Prince
This film is only about 20 minutes long and probably made with a camcorder.

Mike's Comments(rates this release 2.0/5.0)
The Hard Life is a cool document of Paisley Park at that time, if you wanna look at it that way. It's very cool to see Madhouse performing, it's always a pleasure to see Jill Jones, and it's interesting to see Prince's dad doing a little cameo. Sure, the story and the acting sucks, but that's beside the point, as a time capsule, it's a nice little curiosity for fans.

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