The Cover Experience Vol 6 DVD
Catalog # CR006
Release Year 2009
DVD Length 2.22GB
Date/Venue N/A
Source DVD-ROM
Menu YES
Quality EX+
UG2P Rating 5.0/5.0

DVD-ROM Track Listing

This collection consists of Cover Scans of Prince Audio Bootlegs, Prince DVDs, Prince Official Scans, Prince Flyers and Related Artists. Also included are Bonus Features, these include Prince Calendar Scans, Magazine Scans, Prince Photos, Icons and UnderCoverXp Software.

800+ Bootleg Audio Scans
55+ DVD Scans
50+ Related Artist Scans
500+ Magazine Scans
60+ Flyer Scans

1,100+ Icons
1,200+ Pics
2,700+** TOTAL Scans (2.22 GB)

Mike's Comments(rates this release 5.0/5.0)



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