21 DVD
Eye Records/Purple Underground
Catalog # 57
Release Year 2008
DVD Length 229 Mins.
Date/Venue O2 Arena 2007
Menu YES
Quality EX-
Rating 4.5/5.0

Track Listing
Earth Tour - O2 Arena, London : 13th September 2007
UK Music Hall Of Fame Video Intro / Let's Go Crazy / 1999 / I Feel For You / Controversy (including Housequake) / Shhh / Musicology / Prince And The Band / All Blues / What A Wonderful World (instrumental) (including Your Song) / Little Red Corvette / I Would Die 4 U / Under The Cherry Moon (instrumental) / Love Is A Losing Game / Satisfied / Diamonds And Pearls / The Beautiful Ones / Sometimes It Snows In April / Cream / U Got The Look / Take Me With U / Guitar / Kiss / Purple Rain / The Long And Winding Road (w. Elton John) / Crazy (including Can't Get You Out Of My Head) / Nothing Compares 2 U / If I Was Your Girlfriend / Benny And The Jets (intro)* / Sign O' The Times (including Soft And Wet)* / When Doves Cry* / Alphabet St.* / D.M.S.R. (intro)* / Darling Nikki (intro)* / Raspberry Beret* [108 minutes]

*=sampler set

Earth Tour - O2 Arena, London : 21st September 2007
Intro / I Feel For You / Controversy (including Housequake) / Somewhere Here On Earth / Cream / U Got The Look / Musicology / Chelsea Rodgers / Sexy Dance v's Le Freak / A Love Bizarre / Pass The Peas / Diamonds And Pearls / The Beautiful Ones / Little Red Corvette / I Would Die 4 U / Under The Cherry Moon (instrumental) / Sometimes It Snows In April / Purple Rain / Take Me With U / Guitar / Kiss / Let's Go Crazy / 1999 / Nothing Compares 2 U / Sign O' The Times* / When Doves Cry* - Darling Nikki (intro)* / I Wanna Be Your Lover* - Erotic City (intro)* / Alphabet St.* - D.M.S.R.* / Delirious* - Gett Off (Houstyle)* - The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker (intro)* / Irresistible Bitch* / The Most Beautiful Girl In The World* / Raspberry Beret* / When You Were Mine / Girls And Boys (including Cutie Pie) [111 minutes]

*=sampler set

Sky News Broadcast - O2 Arena, London : 21st September 2007 (Live Broadcast) (Professionally Filmed VG)
I Feel For You / Controversy (including Housequake) [7 minutes]

Earth Tour - O2 Arena, London : 21st September 2007 (Made available on 3121.com) (Professionally Filmed VG)
Take Me With U [3 minutes]

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Fink's Comments(rates this release 4.5/5.0)
The final CD/DVD combination release documenting the London summer residency of 2007. The audio part of the release can be found HERE. The 13th September 2007 Earth tour video recording was previously available on the free fan release 'The Long And Winding Road'. "Eye" Records don't appear to have made any discernable improvement on the picture (which was already impressive), however they have switched the original audio and replaced it with the O2verload recording from the 'For Your Memories Vol. 18' release. The minor drop-outs which affect the video recording have been filled with either a picture slideshow from the O2 / IndiO2, or a tourbook slideshow where there was a picture gap. Overall I'd say the improvement in the audio makes this a better version of the show, however as the picture remains the same, it's hardly worth seeking out purely for better audio....or is it? The main attraction of the DVD is the 21st September audience filmed video recording which was previously uncirculating until this release.

It is filmed from a central position towards the end of the symbol, and the person recording appears to be in the private/corporate boxes between the upper and lower tiers, so the view is unobstructed, raised above the crowd and clear. 'Somewhere Here On Earth' is appallingly badly filmed, however the person recording does find his groove, and manages to keep up with Prince's movements pretty well. As always, there are moments of lunacy and frustration when the camera is filming anything other than Prince, but overall these are pretty minimal. The quality of the picture isn't the sharpest, and the footage is rather grainy and lacking in clarity. It's by no means the best video recording circulating of the London shows, but the raised position, and the fact this is the only video recording which was filmed from this particular side of the symbol all work in it's favour and make it slightly more appealing than it may otherwise have been.

Lastly, it's worth pointing out that the opening 7 minutes have been removed and the Sky broadcast has been added in it's place, and 'Take Me With U' has been replaced by the professionally filmed recording made available on 3121.com. 'Somewhere Here On Earth' is a bizarre mix of part of the promotional video and a looped segment of the video recording and makes for laughably bad viewing, but it does pick up from here onwards - thankfully. The DVD also includes the Sky broadcast and the 3121.com footage, however the quality really isn't at all good, and the 3121.com footage especially suffers from being transferred from the web to the big(ger) screen.

As with the previous DVD releases in this "7 Weeks In London" collection, the menu's follow a familiar theme, and whilst they are nice to look at, navigation is a little problematic due to the small text size. All my bitching aside, the fact that a video recording has surfaced from the final show is enough to make this DVD worthwhile, and whilst it has it's share of problems, it's a decent video recording of a memorable night.

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