Crystal Ball II 3CDR
Catalog # 1-27-298
Release Year 1998  
3CDR Length 73:08 | 72:28 | 71:22
Date/Venue Studio Outakes, Live and Official Release
Source Various
Quality VG+/EX
G2P Rating 4/5.0

Track Listing
Various Sources
Crystal Ball, Come Outside And Play, All My Dreams, Journey 2 He Center Of Your Heart, Face Down Money Mix, People Without(Live 8.18.88), Get On Up, God Instrumental (Official Release), Rebirth Of The Flesh, Old Friends For Sale, The Sex Of It, Feel Good, Work The Fat, Days Of Wild, The Undertaker, Are There Really Angels, God Is Alive, Heaven Is Keeping Score, Just My Imagination (Live 8.18.88), 20/20, I Am The Dj, Still Will Stand All Time (Live 8.18.88), Extra Lovable, Computer Blue, Witness 2, Miles Ahead, Empty Room, Good Man, Hold Me, Large Room With No Light, Schoolyard, Open Book, If I Love U 2nite, Moonbeam Levels, Possessed, 5 Women, Can I Play With U, There's Others Here With Us, Sarah, There Is Lovely, Do Yourself A Favour, Love... They Will Be Done

Deane's Comments (rates this release 4/5.0)
This is an excelent CDR fan release. Although most of the tracks are readily available, it is great to have them packaged as an alternative to the official Crystal Ball. The sound quality on many of the tracks has been improved and, as CDR releases go, the content and packaging are pretty good. The only problem I have with this release is the inclusion of the live tracks from the Small Club release, perhaps the most bootlegged show of all time. This is by far the best Fan Release I've seen and I am hoping there are more releases like this on the horizon. This includes many of the tracks I was hoping to see on the official release.

Dale's Comments  (rates this release 4/5.0)
This set was designed to compliment the official release Crystal Ball and contained tracks that most would love to see get officially released some day. Only 500 sets were made of the original release, but many more have been made since by others using the same title and artwork.

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