Computer Blue CD

Catalog # PH512A IFPI L111
Release Year   Edition of 1000
CD Length 68:26
Date/Venue 14 August 1984 Pre Tour Gig
Source Audience
Quality VG+
G2P Rating 3.625/5.0

Track Listing
First Avenue 14 August 1984
Sex Machine, Let's Go Crazy, Delirious, 1999, Little Red Corvette, Computer Blue, Darling Nikki, Beautiful Ones, When Doves Cry, Baby I'M A Star, Purple Rain

Deane's Comments (rates this release 3.5/5.0)
An excellent pre-tour gig at First Avenue, with average recording quality, good packaging and a great set list. Prince really loves a hometown crowd. Supposed to be limited edition of 1000 numbered copies.

Dale's Comments  (rates this release 3.75/5.0)
This is a very cool show. Prince is energetic and loose. I would love to see a soundboard version of this show surface.

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