Black CD

Catalog # NH-860
Release Year 1994?  
CD Length 58:23
Date/Venue Canal+ Rehearsal 5 May 1994
Source broadcast
Quality EX-
G2P Rating 4.875/5.0

Track Listing
5 May 1994 Rehearsal For Canal+ French TV
Endorphin Machine (Inst.), Space, 319, Shy, Billy Jack Bitch, Acknowledge Me, Endorphin Mahcine, Glam Slam Boogie, Cold Sweat, Endorphine Machine, The Ride, Glam Slam Boogie, Blues Jam, Ripopgodazippa

Deane's Comments (rates this release 5/5.0)
This disc rocks! Not only does it have fantastic packaging, including a 24 page booklet with photographs from the Sacrifice Of Victor , but the rehearsal is very loose and jamming. The Blues Jam is possibly Them Changes by Buddy Miles and The Power Of Love By Hendrix, anyhow, it is a great inclusion in this set. Prince isn't ready noticable on the first few tracks. This rehearsal is also circulating on video as it was taped in the Chanel+ studio in France.

Dale's Comments  (rates this release 4.75/5.0)
If there is a list of 'must have' rehearsals, this one is on it!

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