1986 CDR
SaTim Records
Catalog # N/A
Release Year 1998  
CDR Length 70:21
Date/Venue Studio Outtkaes from 1986 Projects
Source Soundboard
Quality EX / EX+
G2P Rating 4.5/5.0

Track Listing
1. Little Girl Wendy's Parade 2. New Position 3. I Wonder U 4. Under The Cherry Moon 5. Others Here With Us 6. Old Friends 4 Sale 7. All My Dreams 8. Last Heart 9. The Dream Factory 10. Witness 4 The Prosecution 11. Movie Star 12. A Place In Heaven 13. Data Bank 14. Girl O' My Dreams 15. Can't Stop This Feeling I Got 16. We Can Funk 17. All Day, All Night 18. Wonderful Ass 19. Neon Telephone 20. Kiss (Acoustic) 21. Outro

A very nice collection of various tracks culled from different 1986 projects / sessions. The first 7 songs ('Little Girl Wendy's Parade' through to 'All My Dreams') represent tracks placed on an early configuration of the Parade album. What I particularly like about this release is that the segue has been left intact between 'Old Friends 4 Sale' and 'All My Dreams' - it is slight, underrated, but IS there - much props for leaving outtakes as they were intended to be heard. The remainder of the tracks on this release are all of the same high standard and include the solo Prince version of 'Witness 4 The Prosecution', the updated 'Wonderful Ass' and the acoustic demo 'Kiss'. Overall an extremely well thought out release with nice choices and in extremely clean, clear and sharp sound.

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