12 Inch Single Collection, The 4CD
Catalog # CD - 111-114
Release Year 1994 UK 
4CD Length 70:48 | 70:55 | 74:25 | 70:08
Date/Venue 12 Inch Releases
Source Pirate Of Released Remixes
Quality EX
G2P Rating 3.25/5.0

Track Listing
Sexy Dancer, Let's Work, 1999, Little Red Corvette, When Doves Cry, Purple Rain, I Would Die 4 U, Let's Go Crazy, Paisley Park, Raspberry Beret, Pop Life, America, Kiss, Mountains, Anotherloverholenyohead, Sign O The Times, U Got The Look, Housequake, Hot Thing, Alphabet Street, Glam Slam, I Wish U Heaven, Batdance, Partyman, Scandalous, Theives In The Temple, New Power Generation, Gett Off, Cream, Sexy Mf, My Name Is Prince, 7, The Most Beautiful Girl In The World, Purple Medley

Deane's Comments (rates this release 3/5.0)
Basically a pirate release of some 12" releases. A nice little 4cd set. It comes in a gold colored aluminum Lp size box with a 20 page Lp size book. The information in the book has been copied from various magazine articles. Each disc is 24kt gold. The sound quality is, of course, prefect with a record pop once and a while. I would have like some rarer releases or the inclusion of some b-sides. Everything on this release is fairly common and would only be of interest to a new collector who doesn't have a turntable.

Dale's Comments  (rates this release 3.5/5.0)
Overall this is a worthwhile set to pick up if you come across it. The packaging was (at the time) well above average, and still holds its own today. This set would have easily been a 4.5 or 5.0 if the sound quality and tracklist were better.

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